Why Shouldn't You Avoid Dental Visits during an Emergency?

Why Shouldn't You Avoid Dental Visits during an Emergency?

December 1, 2022

Don’t you think a dental emergency is as severe as a medical emergency just because your teeth are hidden inside your mouth? Unfortunately, if you experience a dental emergency, you must seek attention from a dentist and none other. Whether the trouble you confront is minor or significant, you find it beneficial to seek treatment for the dental emergency in Salem, MA, from a qualified dentist as early as possible.


Whether you believe it or not, dental issues, if left untreated, can result in severe consequences putting your overall health at risk. Dentists are the only professionals who realize how crucial dental attention is. They cater to same-day emergency appointments and work beyond office hours to cater to patient needs. Dentists want patients to perceive emergency dentistry as essential when they confront issues with their teeth or oral cavity and receive treatment immediately to prevent unnecessary problems.


Why Shouldn’t You Avoid Dental Visits during an Emergency?




You are sadly mistaken if you think the toothache bothering you will subside by itself. The toothache might disappear, but it doesn’t indicate the problem has been resolved by itself. If you don’t seek dental attention immediately, the toothache might return with ferocity and worsen the discomfort. In addition, you could be experiencing pain from exposed nerves, dental abscesses, or infections. Besides getting relief from the discomfort, when you seek attention from an emergency dentist, you prevent the issues from aggravating.


Tooth Nerve Damage


The presence of pain in your mouth is an indicator that you need dental attention. Unfortunately, if you have damaged nerves, your natural defense system stops functioning, putting the dental pulp inside your tooth at risk of infections. In addition, if you don’t receive the essential treatment, you lose sensation in the tooth, making it necrotic or dead. You might think you don’t have a severe problem just because you don’t feel anything in the tooth. Unfortunately, it can result in missing teeth besides medical issues like infections to the bone or your bloodstream.


Bacterial Infections


Your teeth have a hard outer layer to protect them and keep them strong while preventing bacteria and food debris from penetrating the vulnerable area of the tooth. However, similar to other parts of your body, your teeth also have tissues susceptible to infections. Unfortunately, if the hard protective layer of your teeth becomes damaged or eroded, they provide access to the soft, vulnerable area inside the tooth. After the bacteria penetrates the tooth, it can enter the blood vessels and harm the soft center of the tooth, the dental pulp. The infection results in a dental abscess becoming a life-threatening condition when it gains access to your bloodstream. In such cases, you must seek treatment from the emergency dentist Salem who might suggest draining the abscess and providing antibiotics to control the infection besides painkillers to relieve discomfort and recommend root canal treatment to eliminate the infection inside your tooth. If you refuse or ignore the dentist’s suggestion, you risk losing your tooth to extraction and needing replacements for the missing tooth.


Permanent Teeth Damage


Whenever you experience any dental problem, it is beneficial not to delay treatment from a dentist to save your teeth. In addition, if you have decay or infections, treating the condition becomes more complex. Delay in receiving prompt treatment from an emergency dentist can result in permanent damage besides loss of teeth.


You might think an emergency dentist will charge higher prices and reasonably consider visiting the regular dental care provider located in another part of the city, trying to save some dollars. However, are you confident that you can drive and navigate traffic while your mind is concentrating on the pain in your mouth? What if your regular dentist is busy and cannot provide emergency services? Therefore you must receive prompt attention from the emergency dentist before you head to your regular dentist for follow-up.


Dental emergencies can occur in different forms and might also result in knocked-out teeth from impacts on your mouth or accidents. Knocked-out teeth need attention within 30 minutes if you want to preserve the tooth in your hand instead of your mouth. Would you consider driving to your regular dentist across town by avoiding a visit to the nearby Salem dentist in such situations? We are confident you will rush to the nearby dental professional instead of considering otherwise.


Mass Bay Dental understands how crucial dental attention is, especially when you are in considerable discomfort. Therefore, if you confront a dental situation, kindly do not hesitate to contact the practice for the treatment you need immediately.

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