Benefits of Dental Sealants Treatment for Kids and Adults

Benefits of Dental Sealants Treatment for Kids and Adults

January 9, 2023

One of the most common dental issues affecting kids and adults is tooth cavities. These are tiny holes that form on the tooth surface due to poor oral hygiene. When you do not brush or floss properly daily, bacteria and plaque accumulate on your teeth. Acids from plaque erode the enamel until cavities form on teeth.

Tooth cavities have painful symptoms and lead to the need for treatments like root canals. Unfortunately, they can also lead to tooth extraction or gum disease. Therefore, it is prudent to prevent cavities. One of the methods dentists use to control caries is dental sealant treatment. Read on for the benefits of dental sealant in Salem, MA.

What Are Dental Sealants?

They are thin resin coatings painted on the teeth’s chewing surface. The dentist applies the liquid resin on the teeth and leaves them to dry within a few minutes. The plastic coating covers the tooth surface and fills the cracks and crevices on the teeth. In addition, it bonds to the tooth surface, sealing out bacteria, plaque, acids, and food particles. This keeps your teeth healthy and cavity-free.

Advantages of Dental Sealants

  1. Protect against plaque and acids

Dental sealants are proactive in preventing cavities as they work around the clock to protect your teeth’s enamel. They act as a shield keeping plaque and acids from reaching the teeth. In addition, dental sealants seal the pits and fissures in your teeth. As a result, they prevent the buildup of cavity-causing plaque and bacteria.

  1. Support oral care routine

Both kids and adults brush and floss daily. However, younger kids may have a harder time cleaning their teeth properly. This is because they may lack patience or the necessary dental hygiene skills. In addition, kids and adults may not access the cracks and crevices in the back teeth to remove plaque or food particles. As a result, the teeth will get cavities.

Dental sealants support your oral care routine by making it easier to brush and floss. The liquid sealant material flows into the pits and fissures. They fill the small gaps and create an even surface on the tooth. Therefore, food, plaque, and bacteria will not penetrate cracks and crevices. Consequently, it will be easier to brush, even for kids or adults with hand dexterity issues.

  1. Straightforward and pain-free application

The dentist in Salem applies dental sealants in a quick and painless procedure. Therefore, anyone can get dental sealants. The dentist uses a small brush to apply the liquid resin onto the biting surface of each tooth. The sealant dries within a few minutes allowing you to resume your normal schedule. In addition, protection of the tooth begins right away.

  1. Dental sealants are durable, easy to repair, and maintain

Dental sealants in Salem, MA, can offer protection against cavities for up to 10 years. This is because the dentist will apply the sealant expertly on the teeth. They will prevent saliva from reaching each tooth, allowing the resin to dry well.

They will regularly check the condition of your sealants during your dental checkups. Dental sealants can withstand chewing forces. So, it will last several years before a reapplication is necessary. The dentist will apply another coat for further protection when the sealants become worn or chipped. Taking care of your sealed teeth is easy and inexpensive.

  1. Sealant for sensitive teeth

If you or a child experience extreme tooth sensitivity, the dentist can use sealants to treat it. The dentist will apply the sealant, which has a rubbery material on your sensitive teeth. It will provide an additional layer to the teeth protecting them from things that cause sensitivity. The coating keeps acids, foods, and drinks with extreme temperatures from affecting the tooth.

  1. Aesthetically pleasing

The dental sealant resin is white or clear in color. Therefore, it is invisible when you are talking or smiling and does not detract from your smile.

  1. Getting sealants is cost-effective

Dental sealants are considered preventive dental treatments. Preventing cavities saves you or your insurer money in the future. Therefore, sealants are covered by several dental insurances. Even if your insurance plan does not cover the cost of sealants, you can get many dental financing options at Mass Bay Dental. These will help offset the costs of the treatment.

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