Sinus Lifts in Salem, MA

Sinus Lifts in Salem, MA

If you have just left your local Salem, MA dentist after a long and arduous appointment, and you have just been informed that you need a sinus lift, don’t worry, you are not alone! Many patients require sinus lifts before dental implants can be inserted in order to maintain a level of success that all dental patients will be excited about. Dental implants require a dense bone structure in the jaw and the surrounding tissues in order to be able to perform their best. In the case that you have lost bone due to periodontal disease or an extended period of time with tooth loss, sinus lift surgery can help correct any bone density problems. Let’s see how!

What Is a Sinus Lift?

A sinus lift or a sinus augmentation is a surgery that successfully adds bone to your upper jaw area near the molars and premolars. During the procedure, bone is added in between your jaw and maxillary sinuses. However, if you are experiencing what is known as “saggy sinus,” then the sinus membrane must be moved upward or lifted in order to make room for this new bone.

When Might You Need a Sinus Lift?

A sinus lift can be necessary when there is not enough bone in the upper jaw or if the sinuses are too close to the jaw. Here is a list of a few other reasons:

  • Bone mass could have been lost because of periodontal disease.
  • Patients that have lost teeth from their upper jaw do not have enough bone density for implants.
  • Tooth loss makes it so that the body reabsorbs bone from the jaw, leaving bone density very minimal for implants.
  • The maxillary sinus can be too close to the upper jaw.

The Procedure

To begin the procedure, your surgeon must have work to cut the gum tissue where your back teeth used to be. With this tissue raised, the bone is then exposed. Next, the surgeon will open a small window in the bone and the membrane that separates your sinuses from your jaw will be pushed up away from the bone to provide better access. Bone graft material is packed into the space where your sinuses previously were, and bone grafts will then be closed with stitches. Typically, four to ten months is needed in order for the material that has been grafted into your bone to be ready for implants.

Ask the Professionals at Mass Bay Dental

If you are still curious about what a sinus lift it is, and if you may need one, don’t hesitate to give the professionals at Mass Bay Dental in Salem, MA a call. At our dental office in Salem, MA, we want you to feel as though you are well-informed and mentally prepared to undergo any surgery that may be necessary. We do this by bringing you information when you need it and when you want it. To set up a consultation appointment with one of our dental professionals here at Mass Bay Dental, call our Salem, MA office as soon as possible!

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