Bone Grafts in Salem, MA

Bone Grafts in Salem, MA

Bone grafts are done to restore structure and integrity to areas within the mouth that have suffered bone loss. Bone loss can occur for many reasons, but the final result is a sunken-in appearance to the face and the inability to have certain dental procedures done without them failing. Extractions and periodontal disease are two of the most common reasons patients suffer bone loss. A bone graft is done easily and comfortably in our office and can be scheduled at your earliest convenience.

Why would you need a bone graft?

You may need a bone graft if you are suffering from bone loss in one or more areas of the mouth. Most often, bone loss will occur after extraction has been done as well as while dealing with periodontal disease. Unfortunately, bone loss can create problems with the overlying muscles and tissues. If you need to have a dental implant or are going to be wearing dentures, there may not be enough bone in the area to support both appliances.

What makes you a candidate for a bone graft?

Bone grafting is a beneficial procedure for most patients. If you suffer from an autoimmune disorder that affects your ability to heal, this surgery may not be right for you. Bone grafts can use either your own bone for faster heal time or a synthetic bone that will mend and bond with the actual bone it is placed on. With the help of an exam and a series of x-rays bone grafts Dentist will determine if a bone graft is right for you.

What happens during the procedure for a bone graft?

After having a consultation with our doctors, we will schedule an appointment for you to have the bone grafting. If you are going to be using your own bone, this will be removed from an area of the body. If a synthetic bone is used, there is no preparation needed. The area to receive the bone graft will be exposed, and the bone placed on top. Special bonding agents are used to properly mend and seal the bones into place. You can expect the bone grafting to heal in a few short weeks.

If you think you may need a bone graft or simply want to know more about this option, call your dentist near you today, and we will be able to further assist in scheduling a consultation appointment.

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