Partials and Dentures in Salem, MA

Partials and Dentures in Salem, MA

Fed up with gaps in your teeth interfering with your smile and speech? Well-fabricated partials and dentures at Mass Bay Dental can restore your smile and make it easier to speak.

Look for a qualified dentist near you for information on partials and dentures available in the market. Regardless of age, every patient can makeover their smile.

What Are Partials and Dentures?

If you have lost some or all of your teeth due to an accident or aging, partials and dentures can help you in several ways. The term ‘dentures’ refers to false teeth that are used to replace natural teeth. If you need false replacements for all your teeth, you need a full denture. On the other hand, if you need replacement teeth for only a few teeth, these are known as partials.

With full dentures, the dentist may give you a temporary set until the permanent ones are ready to wear. This usually takes about 8-12 weeks. Partials and dentures are removable prosthetics, and you can clean them with special cleaning products.

It may take a few days or weeks to get used to wearing new partials and dentures. As your tongue and teeth get used to keeping them in place, you begin to feel comfortable with their presence. It’s also common for patients in Salem, MA to experience slight soreness or irritation when they try on new dentures. However, the sensation subsides in a few days as saliva flow slowly normalizes.

How Partials and Dentures Are Made at Mass Bay Dental

There are several steps involved in making dentures.

Step 1

Your dentist will take a series of impressions of your bite and how your jaws relate to one another.

Step 2

He or she will then create wax or plastic models with the exact shape and location of teeth required. The patient will be asked to try the model several times as the dentist assesses it for shape, color, and fit.

Step 3

The final denture or partial is then cast, and adjustments are made as required.

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