Tooth Extractions in Salem, MA

Tooth Extractions in Salem, MA

Few people want to lose a tooth, but sometimes it is necessary to maintain proper oral health. When a tooth is removed, the procedure is called dental extraction. An extraction is designed to be as painless as possible and is meant to preserve the health of the nearby soft tissues and teeth.

At Mass Bay Dental, we perform extractions in Salem, MA as a last resort. We use the latest technology and have our patients remain calm in our comfortable office during the procedure. The goal is to keep your smile healthy and strong for as long as possible by eliminating a potential threat.

If you need an extraction done near you or would like a consultation to see if a damaged or infected tooth can be saved, contact us for emergency dentistry today. We have flexible hours to accommodate our patients’ schedules better and are dedicated to preserving your health and wellbeing.

Why Might a Tooth Be Removed?

There are some basic reasons why dental extraction could be necessary. The most common is advanced decay caused by poor oral hygiene and a buildup of plaque. If someone does not brush and floss on a regular basis and allows their hygiene to suffer, then a tooth can become infected. The infection can spread to the gums and nearby teeth, making removal essential.

A tooth could also be removed because of physical trauma. If the crown or root becomes too damaged to be repaired, the entire structure is pulled and replaced. This allows patients to engage in regular activities like biting, chewing, and smiling without pain or discomfort.

Finally, we might need to pull a tooth because it is impacted or stuck. A tooth can become impacted under another tooth because it is crooked, or it might be trapped deep under the gums.

The Process

Wisdom Teeth Removal is a surgical procedure to remove the Wisdom Tooth. Dental extractions at Mass Bay Dental are some of the simplest and most comfortable in Salem, MA. During the treatment, we numb your gums with a local anesthetic, so you do not feel any pain. Our dentist then dislodges the tooth from the jawbone by gently wiggling it and applying pressure. Once loose, the tooth can be removed.

If a tooth is impacted, our dentist in Salem, MA cuts through the gums and often needs to break the tooth into several small pieces. Each one is then removed, and the gums are sealed and left to heal.

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