How Do I Know If I Need a Dental Filling?

How Do I Know If I Need a Dental Filling?

November 1, 2022

Dental fillings are restorations for your teeth involving the removal of decay and repairing the damaged tooth. For example, you might need a root canal and a dental crown if you have significant damage. However, root canals are entirely different because they require more extensive restorations than regular fillings.

To determine whether you need dental fillings, the best option is to visit your dentist for six monthly dental exams and cleanings. During your visit, the dentist examines your teeth after taking x-rays, looking for signs of micro-cavities on and between your teeth. Dentists who detect micro-cavities treat the condition by providing therapies to reverse the damage and help preserve your tooth. However, if you neglect dental appointments or do not find the time to schedule your meeting, you might have to remain on guard against cavities because the indicators they provide aren’t usually apparent.

How to Recognize You Need Dental Fillings?


A toothache is the most apparent sign that you might need dental fillings. However, sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures and pressure when biting down on sweetened foods are also indicators of needing a filling. Finally, the presence of throbbing and unexpected pain when biting and chewing are also indicators of getting dental fillings in Salem, MA.

Obvious Indicators of Needing Dental Fillings

Sometimes you might notice visible signs of needing dental fillings. Some symptoms you might notice include dark spots on your teeth, holes you can see or feel in your teeth, food remaining trapped between specific teeth, dental floss tearing within a particular location, chipped, broken, or rough teeth, and broken or lost fillings.

Fractured Teeth

Cavities are the most prominent reason for getting a cavity filling. However, fractures to your tooth are also repaired using tooth-colored composite fillers. Whether you have cavities or cracks in your tooth, the filling material helps slow or prevent further damage to your tooth.

Tooth Crazing

Occasionally you might develop craze lines on your teeth. These lines are vertical cracks in the enamel development from stress on the tooth. Reasons for craze lines to develop include activities like teeth grinding and clenching, TMJ disorders, biting fingernails, and lifelong chewing. The ungainly craze lines can darken the appearance of the tooth to need filling from dentists to restore your tooth. Fortunately, dentists can provide tooth-colored fillers to cover craze lines to restore your teeth to their former glory. Cosmetic bonding is a name of the procedure to cover craze lines.

Wear And Tear

Aging causes teeth to wear and tear, causing the biting edges to darken and make the teeth appear unsightly. The wearing of the teeth can occur due to practices like teeth grinding to cause chipping and additional damage to the teeth. However, dentists use composite bonding material to fill the teeth to restore their surface. The tooth-colored fillings help improve your bite and chewing ability. In addition, you can use a night guard to prevent further damage after the teeth fillings are in place.

Do you think you need dental fillings? Filling materials of different kinds help dentists repel cavities to ensure they don’t expect to become significant dental problems later. Filling materials and fill tiny holes caused by tooth decay. However, the materials also help repair cracks and fractures.

Cavities are not the sole reason why you might need dental fillings. For example, whenever you suffer impacts on your mouth leaving cracks or fractures, you must also consider visiting dentists to have the tooth evaluated and get fillings in it if the dentist notices cracks or fractures that might allow your mouth bacteria to penetrate the tooth to create significant damage.

While untreated tooth decay undoubtedly creates severe problems, your dentist can customize a treatment plan explicitly for you to prevent the need for root canals, tooth extractions, and replacement solutions. They can recommend dental fillers for cavities or cracks in your teeth and suggest preventive dental care to ensure you don’t develop such complications later. The preventive care might include customized mouthguards, limitations on having some foods and beverages, brushing teeth twice daily, flossing once, and getting six monthly dental exams and cleanings to ensure your smile remains healthy without needing treatments for as long as possible.

If affected by any conditions discussed in this article, Mass Bay Dental can help repair and restore your teeth to ensure continued good oral health. If you want to determine whether you need dental fillers, scheduling an appointment with this practice helps you get the information and treatment you might need.

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