All Information You Want about Full Mouth Restorations

All Information You Want about Full Mouth Restorations

May 1, 2021

Are you a victim of severe tooth decay and have multiple issues like losing teeth, bite misalignments, or feeling insecure with your smile? It is common for many people with extensive damage to their mouths to consider getting full mouth reconstruction because of the complexity of their dental problems.

Whether you suffer structural damage to your teeth due to the lack of proper care, extensive injuries, or your health dropping dramatically, it would have impacted your mouth to leave you needing restorations and teeth reconstruction. Regardless of the extensiveness of the damage, you can find dentists providing full mouth restorations in Salem, MA, creating a personalized treatment plan specifically for you to bring back your smile and reverse the damage your mouth has incurred.

This blog provides the essential information you must have about full mouth restorations. Please continue reading to understand more about them.

Dentists Use Various Procedures during Full Mouth Restoration

  • The treatment plan personalized by the Salem dentist considers a dental product for you before giving you their suggestions on what they feel is best for your mouth. You have options to discuss your preferences with single teeth implants, tiny implants to replace missing teeth. These implants appear, function, and feel like your natural teeth. Best of all, implanted teeth don’t get cavities but may need replacements or examined frequently.
  • If you have recently undergone root canal therapy, you can discuss dental crowns with the Salem dentist for restoring your tooth. Dental crowns strengthen your tooth to make it structurally robust without affecting your appearance.
  • You can request Invisalign to correct problems with crooked and misaligned teeth if you don’t want traditional braces in your mouth. Invisalign is similar to braces with the slight difference that you can wear them on your teeth and remove them whenever you want. They are virtually invisible and are unlikely to make anyone realize you are undergoing orthodontic treatments.
  • All-on-4 dental implants are beneficial if you have severe damage to your mouth. With these unique implants, you can have one or more dental arches entirely replaced. These implants are helpful if you want to have removable dentures.

Full Mouth Restorations Are Expensive

In the United States, the cost of one dental implant is over $ 2000. The entire cost of a complete mouth restoration is around $ 45,000. You may have to pay at least 50 percent out of your pocket even if your insurers cover some of the costs. You can consider requesting donations from friends, family members, and strangers if you are willing to go through the ignominy. However, full mouth restorations are expensive and will leave you with a gaping hole in your wallet.

Your Jawbone Must Undergo Plenty of Tests

Before starting the restoration process, your dentist evaluates your dental records. They also take pictures of your upper and lower jaw besides taking impressions and a few x-rays. After that, the dentist creates a customized treatment plan and discusses with you what they think of the project they created. The risks and benefits are also discussed with the dentist recommending the optimal option for you.

Complete Mouth Restoration Doesn’t Begin Right Away

Complete mouth restoration is an effective procedure, and even the start is lengthy. Even when you make a beginning, the processes proceed in small segments. The dentist must ensure everything moves ahead as planned. The implants or procedures fit comfortably in your mouth and ensure you properly care for your mouth as the treatment proceeds.

Dentists providing full mouth restorations work with a set of specialists from different fields of dentistry. Besides an oral surgeon, dentists also have specialists like periodontists, prosthodontists, and anesthesiologists accompanying them when providing intensive treatments like full mouth restorations. The entire procedure is to restore your lost mouth functionality and aesthetic appearance. Besides being costly, full mouth restorations require time and patience from you to endure the process, which can become uncomfortable at times. However, instead of combating problems like lost teeth, bite issues or misalignments, isn’t it more beneficial for you to undergo full mouth reconstruction to take advantage of the many benefits the procedure offers? The decision to undergo full mouth reconstruction is not easy and requires plenty of thought besides having the finances ready for the process. However, if you have prepared yourself for the same, you can schedule a consultation with the Salem dentist to understand how you can proceed with your treatment.

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