8 Steps of Sinus Lift Surgery

8 Steps of Sinus Lift Surgery

April 1, 2021

A sinus graft/lift can be defined as a surgically invasive procedure where the maxillary sinus is lifted to make room for a new bone. This procedure increases the amount/size of the patient’s bone in his jaw bone by uplifting the sinus tissue. A sinus lift is also known as sinus augmentation or sinus graft. It ensures that the new dental implants on the upper molars and premolars can perform demanding tasks like chewing. You can get this procedure at Mass Bay Dental.

5 Reasons for Bone Loss in the Jaw

  1. Once a person loses a tooth, the vacant tooth socket starts healing. Sometimes it collapses, causing a loss in height and width of the surrounding bone, and leaves a toothless area reducing the volume of the bone. When a patient requires a dental implant on this area to replace the missing tooth, a sinus lift will be performed.
  2. A person can have defects at birth that lead to bone loss.
  3. Some types of cancer and their treatments lead to bone loss in the patient.
  4. Periodontal gum diseases.
  5. A patient’s sinus cavities may be very large or the jaw bone very thin through natural variation.

The bone to be used for a sinus lift can be;

  • An allogeneic bone. This is a bone from a cadaver.
  • A bone obtained from a cow; known as a Xenograft.
  • An Autogenous bone. It is obtained from the patient’s body.

8 Steps of Sinus Lift Procedure

  1. The first step is to visit a specialist who will take X-rays and computed tomography scans to determine the jawbone and sinus’ health. Dental specialists in Salem, MA, will discuss your dental health goals with you before the surgery appointment is made.
  2. On the day of the surgery, the practitioner will administer anesthesia or sedative to make the patient comfortable during the procedure. Then, the specialist will cut the gum tissue on the area that requires the implant.
  3. The tissue is raised and the bone structure exposed.
  4. A small circle is cut into the bone carefully while avoiding the sinus membranes.
  5. The pre-prepared bone graft is used to fill the hole where the sinus was.
  6. The incision is stitched to close it.
  7. The patient goes home for 4-9 months to allow the healing process. The healing period depends on the grafting material used and its size.
  8. The patient comes for an implant after the new bone has merged correctly with the existing bone. Only after complete osseointegration will the specialist attach an abutment.

What to Expect After a Sinus Lift Surgery?

  • Some slight swelling on the operated area
  • Few patients bleed lightly from the mouth or nose immediately after surgery
  • An appointment 7-10 days after the procedure for a check-up where the dentist ensures the sinus lift healed properly.
  • Our dentist in Salem prescribes saline sprays that keep the inner lining of the nose wet. Medication to prevent inflammation, congestion, infection, and pain are also prescribed, but the specialist considers whether the patient has known allergens before doing so.

What to Do and Not to Do After a Sinus Lift Surgery

  • Take the prescribed medication for the period and frequency the dentist recommends.
  • Do not blow your nose vigorously because this can affect the placement of the bone graft material used.
  • Avoid allergens that will make you sneeze as the graft can be dislodged or sutures torn.
  • Brush carefully not to dislodge any clots as bleeding will continue and prevent healing.
  • Do not use drinking straws because they may affect the clots on the operated area and increase bleeding.
  • Do not smoke since this affects the healing time negatively.

When to Call the Specialist After a Sinus Lift Procedure

  • If the swelling or pain does not diminish over time
  • When the operated area continues bleeding bright red blood 1-2 days after surgery
  • The stitches open before the incision heals
  • After an accident or a hard sneeze that dislodges the bone graft material
  • If the patient has a fever since this may indicate an infection

The cost of a sinus lift varies depending on a few factors. These are;

  • The geographic location of the dental office
  • The procedure’s complexity
  • The materials needed for the bone graft
  • The specialist’s fees and facility fees
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