Step by Step Guide on Your Dental Implant Procedure

Step by Step Guide on Your Dental Implant Procedure

July 1, 2021

Missing one or several teeth adversely affects your dental aesthetics and outlook. Dental implants replace tooth roots and stimulate bone growth. The artificial dental prosthetics placed on your teeth implants resemble your natural teeth, and they restore your dental appeal. Dental implant surgery is a suitable alternative for dentures or bridgework. The placement of dental implants in Salem, MA, depends on the condition of your jawbone and the type of implant that’s ideal for you. Dental implants provide you with a permanent solution for all your lost teeth, and your jawbone must be healthy and with adequate mass.

What’s Dental Implant?

A tooth implant is a surgically inserted interface into your jawbone to support your artificial dental prosthesis. Your orthodontist may use dental implants to support dental dentures, bridges, or crowns. The Osseointegration process involves the fusion of your bone to the inserted titanium rod. After healing, a dental prosthetic is placed on your implant to replace your missing tooth. The types of dental implants used include:

Endosteal implants are surgically inserted into your bone.

Subperiosteal implant rests on top of your jawbone underneath your gum tissue.

Dental implants are ideally used to replace lost teeth but are also vital in addressing other dental issues. Dental implants near you can be used to support dentures and ensure you find comfort and well-fit dental prosthetics. Your specialist may use mini-implants as anchorage appliances in orthodontics to move your teeth gradually to their desired positions. The mini-implants are temporary affixed to your bone to enable your teeth to shift. The appliances are removed after the process is complete.

If you’ve lost all your teeth due to traumatic injury, severe decay, gum disease, or dental extraction, all-on-4 implants are ideal for you. The implants provide you with a stable prosthesis that requires a minimal number of implants. Four implants are used to replace all your teeth in both your upper and lower jaws. During your procedure, implants are placed on healthy and vital areas of your bone, and dentures are placed on them. All-On-4 implants are stable, and they restore all your natural dental functionalities, unlike conventional dentures.

Why Are Dental Implants Ideal for You?

Teeth implants are inserted into your jawbone to stimulate jawbone growth and serve as teeth roots. The titanium rod fuses with your bone and restores your dental structure. The material that supports your artificial tooth is friendly to your oral tissues, and it’s durable. At Mass Bay Dental, we recommend you to have dental implants if:

  • You have one or multiple missing teeth.
  • There are no underlying oral health conditions that may interfere with the healing of your jawbone.
  • Your jawbone is fully grown, healthy, and has adequate mass to support the implant or able to undergo grafting.
  • The oral tissues are healthy.
  • Dentures are not viable for restoring your dental

Overdentures are placed over your teeth roots and anchored by your dental implants if your natural tooth has been severely decayed. The dental prosthetics are removable and comfortable to wear. Dental implants near you replace your missing teeth and stimulate bone growth. Full mouth dental implants provide a viable restoration for all the lost teeth. Dentures are a viable alternative to artificial crowns, and your dentist determines the ideal option for your prosthesis.

What You Need to Expect During Your Procedure

The dental implants placement procedure is surgically invasive, and it involves several steps, including:

  • Removal of severely decayed, damaged tooth portion
  • Jawbone grafting if your bone is inadequate
  • Surgical placement of your tooth implant
  • The healing process and bone growth
  • Abutment placement
  • Placement of an artificial tooth

Overdentures can be used as alternative dental prosthetics if all-natural tooth portions are missing. Full mouth dental implants are also applicable if you are missing all your teeth. The dental implant procedure requires time for the healing and growth of a new bone. Additional treatment can be done based on your dental health condition. Placement of dental implants in Salem, MA, is an ideal restorative procedure that you need to consider. It stimulates the growth of your jaw bone and prevents further bone deterioration. If you have several missing teeth, dental implants can be ideal in replacing them and restoring your natural dental outlook.

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