Partial Dentures: Affordable and Reliable Options to Replace Missing Teeth

Partial Dentures: Affordable and Reliable Options to Replace Missing Teeth

February 1, 2021

What are your options when you lose a couple of teeth and begin searching for replacement solutions? Every dentist you visit will offer you either dental implants or dental bridges to replace the missing teeth. What will you do if you aren’t capable of spending a substantial sum on the replacements? Will you leave your mouth without teeth and experience embarrassment displaying a toothless grin? Are you prepared for the consequences of not having teeth in your mouth?

You may think losing a couple of teeth is not a severe problem and cannot harm you in any way besides preventing you from smiling. However, you probably don’t know the consequences of tooth loss, whether one or several. It helps if you visit the Salem dentist to discuss how tooth loss impacts your mouth to understand what you are due to experience.

When you lose a tooth or teeth, the adjacent teeth begin moving into the blank space left by the missing tooth. The teeth in the opposite jaw begin moving upwards or downwards as the case may be towards the gap in your mouth. The movement results in changes to your bite pressure and subsequent problems with the other teeth as well. You can prevent these issues from bothering you by accepting the Salem dentist’s recommendation to have partials and dentures in Salem, ON, at the earliest.

Why Must You Have Partials and Dentures in Your Mouth?

If you cannot or do not want to have other options like implants or bridges but require a solution to prevent various issues that undoubtedly affect you after a tooth loss, the only alternative available is partials and dentures. This option is reliable and favored by many as it has been on the market for over a century.

If concerns about removable dentures bother you, it will be better to consider having a fixed partial denture on a dental implant. However, if you cannot or do not want to have implants or bridges for any reason, you can consider a valplast partial providing a natural-looking appearance for the current day aesthetic conscious patients.

The Salem dentist provides the valplast partial by evaluating your therapeutic requirements. The dentist actively discusses your treatment options to ensure your specific needs are met as desired. Valplast partials require little or no tooth preparation when creating your partial dentures. The process is managed in a dental laboratory, but you even have choices to choose the shade of the teeth and gums you want for the artificial appliance.

If you desire, you can also have flexible partial dentures that allow you to expand the dental appliance if required in the future by making a few adjustments. The Salem dentist can care for your needs quickly and cost-effectively, helping you manage your situation appropriately.

Partial dentures are appropriate solutions when the remaining teeth in your mouth are healthy. It would help if you attempted to keep your natural teeth as far as possible. However, if you have to get them extracted or lose them due to any reason, a partial or full denture may be the right option for you if you are reluctant to have other procedures.

How Much Will Partial Dentures Cost?

Your specific dental needs dictate how much the partial denture will cost. Most patients find partial dentures a cost-effective measure to replace missing teeth, especially with most dentists’ competitive prices. However, your specific needs, geographic location, and the dentist’s experience can all affect the costs of the partial. Therefore it would be helpful if you made proper inquiries before choosing your replacement teeth from any provider.

Are Partial Dentures Comfortable to Wear?

You may experience some discomfort initially when you receive the dental appliance and begin wearing them. You need some time to get accustomed to the partial before considering them as part of your mouth. You may have difficulties eating and speaking, requiring you to practice both activities despite being accustomed to them throughout your life. You must begin having softer foods and eating from both sides of your mouth. If you experience challenges when speaking, you can practice saying words aloud to overcome the deficiency. However, over a period, you will get used to the partial in your mouth and feel comfortable with the replacement as though you had never lost any tooth or teeth at all.

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