How Long After Tooth Extraction Can I Get Partial Dentures?

How Long After Tooth Extraction Can I Get Partial Dentures?

September 1, 2022

Tooth extraction is necessary when you have severe decay or when your tooth’s nerves are destroyed and cannot be repaired. However, thanks to modern-day dentistry, you don’t have to stay with a missing gap. This is because your dentist can fix partial dentures in Salem, MA.

However, the problem with tooth extraction is that you must wait for the wound to heal before you can get dental partials. Therefore, knowing the estimated healing time is important to prevent denture failure. Therefore, we will give the needed information concerning how long you should wait before getting partial teeth.

Can You Obtain Partial Dentures After Tooth Extraction?

First, every patient’s healing period is different. This means you can take a few weeks to heal from a tooth extraction period, whereas someone else can take even two months.

In addition, the type of dentures that you desire also plays a major role. For instance, if you want a custom-made denture, you will have to wait up to six months. This time is important for your gums to heal fully and for the dentist to take measurements of your tooth gap to make a denture that matches your other natural teeth.

The truth is, most patients have to wait for about six to eight weeks after tooth extraction before they can get their dentures fixed. Nevertheless, you might find that your gums might take a while before they heal, and you should not worry about this as dentures fit well to completely healed gums. On top of that, the healing time gives your dentist time to make a well-fitting denture.

What About Immediate Dentures?

As the name indicates, this type of denture is made before you go for a tooth removal. Immediate dentures are great as they cover your mouth’s soft tissues, hasten the healing process, and minimize bleeding after tooth extraction.

This type of denture is constructed approximately a fortnight before the tooth removal. This is essential as it ensures the immediate dentures are ready once your teeth are extracted.

Making immediate dentures begins with the dentist taking an impression of your mouth. You can also choose the shade of dentures you want at this stage. After the dentures have been made, you can bring them to your tooth removal appointment.

After tooth removal, there can be drastic bone loss. This is why you should visit the dentist near you at Mass Bay Dental so that they can adjust the dentures to ensure they are properly fitting. Some patients require a reline of their immediate denture to ensure it fits well during the healing process.

This type of denture is often worn after having your teeth removed, and there has been a drastic change in your bone structure. Moreover, immediate dentures are suitable before your permanent dentures are made, as there is sufficient bone for the dentures to be attached. For this reason, immediate dentures are also known as transitional ones, as they are worn between getting permanent ones after your natural teeth are removed.

When Are Partial Dentures Suitable?

There are times that your dentist can recommend getting partial dentures. First, you might be a good candidate for partial dentures when you’re missing a small section of teeth. This means if you have undergone several tooth extractions where the oral surgeon has removed an entire row of teeth, then partial dentures will not be suitable.

Are you looking for a fast treatment result after having your teeth removed? Then partial dentures are good for you. Compared to dental implants, which take longer to heal, these removable dental appliances will be suitable if you want a quick fix.

A good thing about partial dentures is that they are less invasive when compared to dental implants. This means if you’re looking for dental appliances that are non-invasive, it would be best to get partial teeth.

Nevertheless, partial dentures do not offer the same functionality as dental bridges or implants. This is because they are removable, meaning they are not as stable as dental implants, which are fixed deep into your gum and will feel like your natural teeth.

Which Dentures Are Best After Tooth Extraction?

The truth is, no denture is better than the other. It all has to do with your preference. However, it would be best if you gave your gums sufficient time to recover from tooth removal surgery.

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