Benefits of Seeing a Dentist in Salem for Root Canal Treatment

Benefits of Seeing a Dentist in Salem for Root Canal Treatment

June 1, 2023

Every year, millions of teeth are rescued from inflammation and infection with the help of a dental procedure known as a root canal. During this treatment, the affected tooth’s damaged pulp and nerves are extracted to stop bacteria growth and prevent the infection from spreading. If you have a tooth that’s infected, a root canal procedure may be the solution to save it. At Mass Bay Dental, located in Salem, root canal treatment is offered to alleviate dental discomfort and preserve the affected tooth.

To Understand Root Canals

It’s important to know that each tooth has a pulp beneath the dentin and enamel that contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. Patients may experience swelling, pain, and infection when this pulp is injured or infected. Sometimes, bacteria inside the root canal can lead to jawbone damage and decay, even without visible symptoms. In such cases, root canal therapy may be necessary to save the tooth.

A root canal procedure can extract the inflamed or infected pulp, preventing further problems. There are various situations when root canal treatment may be necessary, such as a tooth injury, deep cavities, cracks, or chips, or repeated dental work on the same tooth.

Patients may experience certain signs indicating that root canal treatment is required, such as pain or sensitivity while biting or chewing, swollen or tender gums, darkening gums, or bumps along the gums. It’s essential to note that root canal injury or infection symptoms may not always be apparent, and a thorough examination may be necessary for proper diagnosis.

The procedure of Root Canal

According to Healthline, the root canal process typically involves four stages. Firstly, an X-ray of the infected tooth is taken, and the treatment area is numbed. Secondly, a small protective sheet is placed over the area to prevent saliva and bacteria during the procedure.

Thirdly, a tiny incision is made near the tooth’s crown to reveal the infected pulp, which is then removed along with the infected tissue, and the pathways are thoroughly cleaned. If necessary, a topical antibiotic is applied to eradicate any remaining infection. Lastly, the tooth is filled and sealed, and a crown or other restoration is placed to safeguard the tooth and restore its functionality.

Like any semi-invasive procedure, root canal treatment has its risks. Sometimes, the damage may be too extensive to make treatment viable, leading to tooth loss. Although rare, abscesses may result from root canal treatment if the infected pulp is not removed correctly or if antibiotics are ineffective. Despite the possibility of complications, root canal treatment is usually safe and effective, with a success rate between 86-98%.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Some of the benefits of root canal treatment include the following:

Alleviate Pain

If you’re experiencing dental distress, a root canal treatment in Salem, MA, can relieve you. Most people visit their dentist due to oral pain, irritation, or discomfort. A root canal can help manage pulp infection and exposed nerves, alleviating pain.

However, it’s essential to understand that every patient’s situation is different. Therefore, additional information is always beneficial. Contact your dentist today to learn more about the specifics of root canals and how they can address your unique dental issue.

Teeth Preservation

We all understand the significance of having healthy teeth. Not only do they contribute to a beautiful smile, but they also enable us to lead a comfortable life. Daily activities like eating and speaking can become painful and challenging without healthy teeth.

Root canal therapy can help to preserve the health and protection of your teeth. When you come to us for a

root canal treatment, you can trust that your mouth will be clean and free of infections, ensuring the well-being of your teeth.

Healthy Appearance

Having a healthy smile can positively impact how people perceive you. It creates a welcoming and friendly impression, making others feel at ease around you. However, if your teeth require restoration, it can be challenging to achieve the same effect. Fortunately, our dentist in Salem offers root canal treatments that help repair your teeth, giving them a healthy appearance that radiates whenever you smile in the presence of others.

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