12 Reasons You Should See a Periodontist in Salem

12 Reasons You Should See a Periodontist in Salem

May 1, 2023

Periodontal diseases occur due to inflammation and infection of bone and gums that support and surround the teeth. Getting ​periodontal treatment in Salem, MA an evaluation is the ultimate solution to preserve your smile. Periodontists are dentists that help dental patients by addressing soft tissue issues. They undergo extra years of dental training. Periodontists have done specialization in preventing, diagnosing, and treating periodontal disease.

Signs that Indicate You Need the Services of a Periodontist

Below are the symptoms that indicate you need to see the periodontist near you immediately:

Gum Bleeding

Bleeding of gums when flossing or brushing indicates an early stage of gingivitis. Therefore, if you find your gums soft while touching or spit blood when flossing or brushing, get help from the periodontist without delay.

Receding Gums

Gum recession is a sign of advanced periodontal disease. Loss of gum tissue surrounding the teeth can result in exposed tooth roots for tooth loss. Gum recession can be due to brushing teeth harshly because doing this causes gum tissue injury.

Seeing a periodontist near you is the best solution to minimize the risk of gum issues in the future. The expert will evaluate the problem and recommend a suitable treatment.

Bad Breath

If you notice bad breath that does not fade off on its own, it could indicate cavities or periodontal infection.

Bite Changes

Changes in the bite pattern of an individual can result in serious dental problems. Periodontist near you is the best solution to find the exact cause and come up with the perfect treatment plan.

Loose Teeth

Loose teeth are another indication of gum disease. It starts with bacteria growth in the mouth. When left untreated, it results in many big issues for your mouth.

Periodontitis can make the pockets around your teeth deep. It makes teeth lose and allow their shifting. Loose teeth also indicate loss of bone. Therefore, if you notice a change in how your teeth fit together, see new spaces between teeth, or chewing difficulty, fix an appointment immediately.

Routine check-ups from a periodontist will help you prevent or reverse gum diseases effectively. The periodontist may perform ​scaling and root planing (a deep tooth cleaning process). It helps to eliminate the accumulation of tartar or plaque or calculus or teeth.

Soft, Swollen, or Red Gums

Bleeding or swollen gum with pain indicates the need for a periodontist.
Gum inflammation can result in deep periodontal pockets around the teeth. When not treated for longer can create deep pockets around the teeth. Swollen gums usually make your teeth appear smaller than they are. Instead of healthy light pink, they may be red.

Therefore, make sure you get an instant treatment for your swollen gums. Taking care of at-home dental hygiene, getting deep cleaning and the dental office near you is the best way to fix the inflammation, mainly when it’s in its early stages.

Cold and Hot Sensitive Teeth

Tooth enamel erosion can lead to temperature sensitivity. Another cause behind it could be advanced gum disease. Therefore, if you notice your teeth are highly sensitive to cold or hot drinks and foods, get dental care services at Mass Bay Dental immediately.

Pain When Chewing Food

Inflammation of gums creates pockets around the teeth. It makes the teeth more sensitive and creates trouble when chewing food. If you see how new spaces occur between the teeth or change the way the teeth fit, call the periodontist immediately.

Discomfort and Pain from the Gums

Gum diseases result in pain around and underneath the teeth. Getting prompt ​gum disease treatment helps to prevent permanent damage to the support structures that hold teeth.

To Undergo a Plastic Surgery

If the patient needs to fix their gummy smile, the periodontist performs plastic surgery. It is a condition where the gums get exposed too much.

To Perform Gum Grafting

If you have exposed tooth roots due to gum recession, getting gum grafting surgery is essential. The procedure helps create more gum tissue in the regions lacking enough amount. The professional takes the graft from the donor tissue or the palate.

To Perform Dental Implant

Many patients prefer dental implants as their tooth replacement choice when one or multiple teeth are missing. It helps to prevent other dental issues in the future. A dental implant is a fake tooth root that the periodontist adds surgically into the jawbone.

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